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run the last command as root

run the last command as root:

sudo !!


when you put in sudo !! the !! translates to !-1. you can also write it as sudo !-n to refer to the n-th previous command.

save a file in vi as root

way to often i start editing a file without using sudo. here is a fix for that. when you go to save the file, do the following:

:w !sudo tee %


updated cliq xt app list

i am still processing this entire list. as i go through it i will update it. i am also doing the same thing for my apad. if you would like to add to this list or correct a mistake i may have made please contact me.

i will also compile a list of related links.
to de-blur


app name package name


Email.apk stock email app for anything other than gmail
esmusica.apk regional mexican music
FriendFeed.apk com.motorola.blur.friendfeed social messaging
FMRadio.apk com.motorola.fmradio fm radio app
IM.apk instant messenger app, not used for texting
QuickOffice.apk quick office app
megamaid.apk com.motorola.blur.megamaid blur megamaid app
News.apk blur news feed
Shazam.apk music app
slackerradio.apk music app
SocialMessaging.apk com.motorola.blur.socialmessaging blur social messaging
SocialShare.apk com.motorola.blur.socialshare blur social sharing
TeleNav.apk map routing system, gps
TuneWiki.apk com.motorola.cmp motorola tunewiki app
WeatherForecast.apk blur weather app



AdminFeedNotifier.apk com.motorola.blur.adminfeed blur admin feed
AlarmClock.apk com.motorola.blur.alarmclock blur alarm clock
ATCommandApp.apk com.motorola.atcommand atcommandapp on
BatonTransitionService.apk blur baton services
BlurSNMessagingEngine.apk com.motorola.blur.service.snmessaging.engine blur stock messaging app
BlurUpdater.apk com.motorola.blur.updater blur updater app
CalendarSync.apk com.motorola.blur.calendar.sync.activesync blur calendar sync
CompassCalibrate.apk com.motorola.CompassCalibrate motorola compas calibration app
Contacts.apk com.motorola.blur.contacts blur contacts/phone*
ContactsProvider.apk com.motorola.blur.contacts.provider blur contact info sync
Conversations.apk com.motorola.blur.conversations blur stock text messaging app
Email.apk blur stock email app
EventReminder.apk com.motorola.blur.eventreminder blur calendar event reminder
Messaging.apk com.motorola.blur.messaging blur messaging
MessagesWidget.apk com.motorola.blur.home.message blur sms widget
MotorolaSettingsProvider.apk com.motorola.providers.settings motorola settings provider
MyAlbum.apk motorola album
QuickMessage.apk com.motorola.blur.messaging.quickmessage blur quick message
Setup.apk com.motorola.blur.setup blur setup
SetupProvider.apk com.motorola.blur.setupprovider blur setup provider
SetupWidget.apk com.motorola.blur.home.setup blur setup widget
SIMManager.apk sim card recognition
StatusWidget.apk com.motorola.blur.home.status blur home status
StorageMonitorService.apk com.motorola.blur.service.storagemon blur storage monitor
Upgrader.apk com.motorola.Upgrader motorola upgrader
Universal.apk com.motorola.blur.messaging.universal blur messaging
WapPushSI.apk com.motorola.wappushsi motorola wap push si
VisualVoicemail.apk motorola visual voicemail
WorkContacts.apk com.motorola.blur.contacts.activesync blur work contacts
* = can be modified to change appearance


/system/framework/framework-res.apk android theme, can be modified to change theme
AutoSimImport.apk com.motorola.autosimimport motorola auto sim import
BatteryReport.apk battery life/status
BlurEmailEngine.apk blur txt msg inbox
BluetoothPbap.apk com.motorola.bluetoothpbap motorola bluetooth app
BlurHome.apk com.motorola.blur.home blur home screen
blur-services.apk com.motorola.blur.service.blur blur services*
Browser.apk stock browser
ImProvider.apk required for market**
LatinIME.apk android keyboard
MotoCamera.apk motorola camera
PackageInstaller.apk package installer for android
Phone.apk phone
RichTextCommon.apk com.motorola.blur.richtext blur rich text common
Swype.apk swype
UserDictionaryProvider.apk dictionary for latinime.apk***
Vending.apk android market
* = after removing resulted in endless force close loop
** = causes errors
*** = required for latinime.apk to function


checkin.apk google login – required for google
/data/app/ google voice
/data/app/ google voice
Gmail.apk google gmail
GmailProvider.apk google sync module for gmail
GoogleApps.apk google apps
GooglePartnerSetup.apk google partners setup
GoogleSearch.apk google search app/widget
GoogleSettingsProvider.apk google settings provider
GoogleSubscribedFeedsProvider.apk google replacement for the SubscribedFeedsProvider.apk
gtalkservice.apk google talk service
Maps.apk google maps
MediaUploader.apk google upload media to remote servers, ?picasa?
NetworkLocation.apk google determining your location based on network cells
SetupWizard.apk google account setup
Street.apk google maps street view
Talk.apk google talk
VoiceSearch.apk google voice search
YouTube.apk google youtube


/data/app/android.androidVNC.apk android.androidVNC android vnc
/data/app/bander.notepad.apk bander.notepad notepad
/data/app/com.androidapps.spare_parts.apk com.androidapps.spare_parts spare parts app
/data/app/com.blizzard.bma.apk com.blizzard.bma blizzard authenticator app
/data/app/ wow remote auction house
/data/app/ city jump game
/data/app/com.facebook.katana.apk com.facebook.katana facebook app (i installed this so i can control when it opens etc)
/data/app/com.farproc.wifi.analyzer.apk com.farproc.wifi.analyzer wifi analyzer app
/data/app/ spiderman game
/data/app/com.kiragames.unblockmefree.apk com.kiragames.unblockmefree unblock me free game
/data/app/com.metago.astro.apk com.metago.astro astro file browser
/data/app/com.sugree.barcodegen.apk com.sugree.barcodegen barcode generator
/data/app/com.tmobile.selfhelp.apk com.tmobile.selfhelp t-mobile my account app
/data/app/com.tni.TasKiller.apk com.tni.TasKiller adnaced taskiller
/data/app/lysesoft.andftp.apk lysesoft.andftp ftp client
/data/app/org.connectbot.apk org.connectbot ssh client
Superuser.apk root app


Stk.apk needed for DUAL-SIM adapters to switch between the 2 SIM cards
/data/app/com.bright.startup2.apk com.bright.startup2  
DrmProvider.apk provides DRM functions, needed to access media files (including ringtones)
ArcMediaGallery.apk com.arcsoft.mediagallery  
CalendarProvider.apk calendar sync
VSuiteApp.apk ??voice recognition??
Calculator.apk android calculator
Settings.apk phone settings menu
Calendar.apk calendar app/widget
altitude.apk altitude
MediaProvider.apk media provider
SoundRecorder.apk android stock sound recorder
HTMLViewer.apk allows viewing of pdfs as html


listed on reddit!

my how to for rooting the cliq xt was put up on an awesome thread on reddit. here it is.

special thanks to lawlyer for adding me to the list!

links to my site that are not spam!

i was going through my google analytics info and found that apparently the work i did on my cliq xt has not gone unnoticed. this motivates me to continue working on my cliq xt, even though it is an older model android phone, it is still relevant and a fantastic phone. i will have to go through each system app on the cliq xt and identify what they are and what they do and the potential negative side effects of removing them.

a person on this thread used my site to clean up apps on his cliq xt.

a person in this post referred another person to my site for “Here is a good list of apk and package names.”

here is the full thread

another person used my site as well on this thread

installing wine 1.3.1 in slackware 13.1

here is how to install and configure wine 1.3.1 from source with additional configurations for nVidia card owners.
download the source here.

open up the tarball:
tar -jvxf wine-1.3.1.tar.bz2

cd into the newly created directory:
cd wine-1.3.0

configure and make dependencies:
./configure --with-x && make depend && make

install wine you may need to sudo this one
make install

create the .wine directory in your home folder:

install winetricks for additional .dll’s:
cd .wine/

make winetricks executable:
sudo chmod +x ./winetricks

install additional .dll’s using winetricks:
./winetricks d3dx9 droid winxp sound=alsa volnum vcrun2008 dotnet20 ie6 corefonts

recommended for nvidia card users: for the physx gaming engine – make sure your card is supported
./winetricks physx

now, after you have done all this, there is still more to do in order to properly configure wine:

configure the wine registry for windows gaming:
wine regedit

browse to HK_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/ and add a new key named Direct3D. then add the following strings and values:

string value
DirectDrawRenderer opengl
Nonpower2Mode repack
OffscreenRenderingMode fbo
RenderTargetLockMode auto
UseGLSL readtex
VertexShaderMode hardware
VideoDescription NVIDIA GeForce GT 220
VideoDriver nv4_disp.dll
VideoMemorySize 1024


you can add it manually as shown above, or, copy and paste the following to a graphics.reg file and import it to wines registry.


"VideoDescription"="NVIDIA GeForce GT 220"


enable support for misc binaries:

edit /etc/rc.d/rc.modules and uncomment the following line:

/sbin/modprobe binfmt_misc

then add the following to /etc/fstab:

none /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc binfmt_misc defaults 0 0

now add the following to /etc/rc.d/rc.local”:
echo ':windows:M::MZ::/path/to/wine:' > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
echo ':windowsPE:M::PE::/path/to/wine:' > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register

now reboot the machine

rockchip gpl violations

here is the same listing on 2 different sites. i am sure there is more out there. it just makes me wonder. why has nothing been done about this?

i have no issues or complaints with android 1.5 on my apad. it has been fully functional and does everything i need it to do. i have seen from searching google that other devices that have the rockchip 2808 chipset and processor are able to run android 2.1.

wow 4.x in wines top 10 gold list

this has probably been around for awhile, however, i just noticed it today. wow 4.x made the top 10 gold games list in the

i cant really say from my experience it has been flawless as far as wow goes, but, that has yet to deter me from continually finding new workarounds toi get the game running even better on my custom slackware system.

windows host file

windows host file location: